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Welcome To MyMerino.com - " The Evolution of Wool Clothing "

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At MyMerino we offer you premium quality Merino wool clothing that is grown, harvested and manufactured in New Zealand. We have taken nature's gift of warmth and comfort and evolved it further for your enjoyment.

Evolution [ pronounced : evu'looshun ]
To develop gradually: to develop something gradually, often into something more complex or advanced, or undergo such development.

We believe the successful design of functional, comfortable and durable clothing is achieved in small steps. At at each stage of the design process we have been driven by some simple motivations. Our primary objective is to sell clothes that have been proven to have unrivalled performance and comfort at an affordable price for our customers.

You benefit from the decades of experience and knowledge our family owned and run manufacturers in New Zealand have gained in the wool industry. The latest technologies ensure our clothes are superior in all departments.

Our history

We are a Canadian company whose owners purchased Merino some years ago and fell in love with the outstanding performance characteristics and qualities of this unique natural material.

We test our clothes in the extreme winter wilderness of the Canadian Rockies while participating in outdoor activities under similar conditions that you will experience when you wear our clothing. We only sell designs that we are comfortable wearing ourselves.

Our privacy policy

Our privacy policy

We collect personal information from you when you shop online with us. We need this information to make your shopping experience an easy and enjoyable one.

We use the latest technology to safeguard your details and do not disclose the information to third parties other than as necessary to process your order. Your credit card information is encrypted and this makes it virtually impossible for unauthorised parties to gain access to the information you submit.

Our location

Our office and distribution centre is located west of Calgary in the Municipality of Rocky View.

Just a short drive from Kananaskis and the Banff National Park where we road test our clothing.

Our ethics

We will not purchase any materials that have been produced using child labour or any other practises that result in human suffering. We do not support farming methods that cause discomfort to the sheep that produce our wool. The MyMerino brand fabric carries the Zque accreditation, our manufacturers can trace the origin of the wool back to the source.

We believe that there is a right way to do business and we adhere to ethical practises. We challenge our employees to provide a fair and honest service to our customers.

We are merino wool base layer and outdoor clothing specialists.
We are merino wool base layer and outdoor clothing specialists.