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Clothing >  Testimonials

Testimonials & comments from happy customers.

We don't have room to report every compliment and positive feedback. The following are some kind comments from customers that we were pleased to receive.

Michelle W. of Vancouver, B.C.

"...My boy wears his merino T shirt as a vest to school every day. I wash it at the weekend and it is ready to go again on Monday."

W.R. of Toronto, Ontario

"I'm new to Canada (from the US) and have found that MyMerino is a nice alternative to Smartwool. I will be ordering again soon. It is hard to beat the natural power of wool."

S.B. of North Vancouver, B.C.

"I ordered on a Monday evening, the order was shipped on Tuesday, and it arrived on Thursday. Now that's fast"

S.J. of Calgary, AB

I love my gear! It's the best thing that I have ever purchased for outdoor wear, my wife loves her top as well. We will definitely be buying more!!!!

I was hoping to try it out this last week with the cold front that we had, but no luck.

I did however get out to the shooting range a few weeks ago, where essentially I sat at a bench for a couple of hours with very minimal movement it was -15 to -20 that day and I was so comfortable. I had less clothes on then anyone else there!

It was great!!! Super comfortable too!!!

Thanks again

S.J. discovered MyMerino on the Alberta Outdoorsmen forum at

Don G. from Geulph, Ontario

".....I appreciate the time that you spent with me tonight. You made my experience enjoyable and quite simple. It's always a pleasure dealing with a professional person."

Don needed some advice and contacted us by email. We phoned him back and discussed his order.

Anne S. of Calgary, AB

"...I always got cold feet when skiing until I bought MyMerino ski socks, now my feet stay warm all day."

Joe D. of Red Deer, AB

"...I bought my Dad the base layer system to wear when he hunts. He loves it because he stays warm but it doesn't make him sweat."

"...18 months on he still loves his merino and wears at least one item every day, he has the "Heavy Weight Zip" on almost everytime I see him.

Clothing >  Testimonials